web development
We're a full-service shop, so we can take your ideas from the jottings on that napkin in your pocket to full-fledged site -- in less time than you imagined. We can handle all aspects of the process -- from hosting, to architecture, to graphic design. We'll keep you as involved as you'd like to be and are always available to show you what we have throughout the build.

project management
Not entirely sure you're getting the most out of your team? Need help building the team or defining scope or processes? We're dedicated to managing your projects to your satisfaction and delivering what is agreed upon to your specification, in your timeframe -- whether our developer consultants build it or not.

search engine optimization (SEO)
Your site is only worth as much as the customers it attracts. One of the most effective (and economical) methods of getting people aware of your site is by marketing through the search engines. We know how to get your site in front of your customers when they search for the goods and services you provide.

Our documentation specialists can work within your templates or create templates to meet the needs of your organization and its clients. The documentation we deliver is written towards the audience you specify (unlike most of the technical user documentation still shrinkwrapped on your bookshelf).

quality assurance
You define the acceptence criteria and we'll build in the testability. User Stories will be translated into Unit Test, FIT, and automated acceptance test suites.

graphic design and flash development
We work closely with a stable of some truly excellent interactive designers. They're really good. Let us put you in contact with them and see what we mean. Want to add some movement or actvity to your site? We can do that too.